50 years of establishment

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October 10, 1969

The Hanoi People's Committee decided to establish the Hanoi Kim Dong Art Troupe under the management of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Information. The head office is located at the Basement of the Department of Culture and Information - 47 Hang Dau, Hanoi 


Kim Dong Art Troupe changed its name to Hanoi Puppetry Troupe

Famous talents of the Capital and the whole country have gathered to help the group build the show's program. Accompanying hundreds of theater art troupes from the central to local levels of the country. The group began touring throughout the provinces and cities throughout the length of the country. 

1985 – 1990

Facing the risk of shutting down

The last years of the subsidy period, performing without spectators, artists without income, days without work, leaders of the group being disciplined, the risk of dissolution, unemployment and dissolution.

#The future of art is a long way to go, even glory cannot be stopped

What Le Van Ngo and his brothers must realize at this time: We must return to our roots, we must return to the thousand-year-old water puppets that have always been kept in the people.

Return to Dao Thuc - Dong Anh water puppet ward to be a villager, eat and sleep together, wade and perform water puppetry with the village's artisans. 

1991 - 2001

Thang Long Water Puppet Troupe

In 1993, Thang Long puppetry troupe was officially handed over to Hoa Binh cinema, which was built and renovated into a puppet theater at 57B - Dinh Tien Hoang street - Hoan Kiem.

#Becoming a leading art and culture venue of the capital

The audience of Ha Noi and the whole country, together with foreign and tourists, poured in day and night with an average of three non-stop performances 365 days a year.

Travel agencies are extremely busy scheduling tours for tourists from all over the world to come to Hanoi and see Vietnamese puppetry at Thang Long Water Puppet Troupe

#Bringing the art of Water Puppetry to the world

Starting from 1991 to 2001, in 10 years, audiences all around the world realized that Vietnam has a unique and magical art theater. In addition to performances in most continents, Thang Long Puppetry Troupe also participates in a lot of international art festivals held in Paris, New York, Barcelona, ​​Hejsinki, Sydney, Seoul, Bangkok ... Many places the group returned to perform with the invitation of the audience to nearly 10 times such as France, Australia, America, Japan...

Over the years, the Troupe toured internationally many times. In particular, in 2000, the troupe performed 7 international tours.


2001 - 2005

Thang Long Puppet Theater

Viet Nam Outstanding Artist Mr Le Van Ngo was appointed as Director of Thang Long Water Puppet Theater

In August 2001, Hanoi People's Committee decided to upgrade the Thang Long Water Puppetry troupe into the Thang Long Puppet Theater

The change of name from Thang Long Puppetry Troupe to Thang Long Puppet Theater marks a remarkable step of an art troupe.

          After nearly 10 years of building and performing water puppetry together, the Theater has obtained encouraging achievements. The board of directors decided to restore shallow puppetry in a modern direction despite knowing that there would be many difficulties. Dry puppetry is a fertile land that creates favorable conditions for artists to sublimate, unleash their creativity, and affirm their ability. Because this is an indispensable spiritual food for young millennials.

           In 2003, a series of shallow puppet plays were born in turn with many themes, contents, forms, shapes, performance techniques, ... in a modern style. 2003, was a year of great success, the plays participating in the National Puppet Theater Festival brought home many high awards.

2005 – 2007

Viet Nam Outstanding Artist Mrs Do Thi Mui was appointed as Director of Thang Long Puppet Theater

The Board of Directors has made great efforts with the collective of artists, actors, and employees to unite and unite, the Red Theater has 365 days of lights, the number of guests is increasing, the revenue of the following year is higher than the previous year, his life I am improved.

In 2007, artists Le Van Ngo, Huu Thu, and Nguyen Dang Tien were conferred the noble title of Viet Nam Outstanding Artist by the State.

In addition to performing tasks, the theater also participates in social activities such as a city-level scientific project, which is highly appreciated with the theme "Preservation and development of Thang Long - Hanoi puppetry".

Along with the achievements in arts, training is always an important and necessary task. The theater has been associated with Ha Noi University of Theater and Cinema, providing formal university puppeteers. In addition, experienced artists and actors also support to participate in vocational training for the young generation, with the sole purpose of having the next generation of talented young actors join hands to preserve and develop their careers.

2007 - 2017

Viet Nam People's Artist Mr Nguyen Hoang Tuan was appointed as Director of Thang Long Puppet Theater

In 2008, the orchestra was established with more than a dozen members who were formally trained at the Vietnam National Conservatory of Music. Previously, the Theater did not have an official orchestra, the demand for art enjoyment was increasing, the establishment of a professional music team was a very practical job.

 From 2008 to 2014, a series of artworks were presented to domestic audiences and in response to national and international puppetry festivals. Thang Long Puppet Theater has always been one of the professional art units, participating in many shows with typical artistic quality that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity.

In 2012, artists Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Chu Dac Duoc, Chu Luong, Nguyen Phuong Nhi, Duc Hung, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Siu Y Ban were conferred the noble title of Viet Nam Outstanding Artist by the State.

#Asian record

On September 18, 2013, the theater record was officially established by Asia Record Center "The only theater in Asia to achieve a record of performing water puppetry 365 days/year".

At the same time, the Theater was honored to be awarded the First Class Labor Medal.

In 2015, many artists were conferred the noble titles of People's Artist and NSU'T by the State (People's Artist Nguyen Hoang Tuan and NSU'Ts Le Chi Kien, Nguyen Ho Thuy Tien, Dang To Nhu, Nguyen Quoc Vu, Tong Thi Hue). , Vo Thuy Duong, Tran Xuan Trung, Le Thu Huyen, Cong Bich Thuy, Le Minh Tuan) 

2017 - 2020

Viet Nam Outstanding Artist Mr Chu Luong – Deputy Director of the Theater was assigned to manager of Thang Long Puppet Theater


#Renew! That's the only way to do it at this stage

Innovation is an important factor, a strategy and a specific plan for each step that the Theater must take part. Immersed in the Prime Minister's directive on "strengthening the capacity to approach the 4th Industrial Revolution", the Theater leaders has reviewed the specific stages and directions for each department. This is the time when all leaders, cadres, actors, artists, and theater workers need to renew their thinking, come up with reasonable measures, harmonize and closely coordinate between artistic creation and artistic creation. management. Synchronize all stages related to the development process.

#Applying technology to traditional art

In May 2018, the Theater opened an electronic ticketing system, implementing the plan to electrify public services according to the policy of Hanoi City. Up to this point, Thang Long Puppet Theater is an artistic unit. Hanoi's first traditional technique to automate public services.

Upgrading the entire infrastructure system, theater system, stage in the surrounding areas, audience seats, air conditioning system, lighting system, souvenir counters, toilets... Especially the lobby area is beautifully decorated, airy and clean with the motto: "A traditional theater with a modern style"


#Sold out concerts

At the end of 2017, the Theater performed "Variety puppet show to welcome Christmas and celebrate the New Year", which set a new record. Initially, the Theater only performed 4 to 6 shows, but after a great "demand", the Theater increased to 30 shows, the performances "sold out" quickly - something that had never been done before. Building on the achievements achieved, the Theater has long-term planning, launched a series of new art programs on the occasion of major holidays such as International Children's Day June 1, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and New Year celebrations. (Our World 1, 2, 3),... this series quickly gained the support of not only the young audience but also the parents, turning these quality products into An indispensable spiritual dish of families during the holidays.

In 2015, the performance "Flying from the water", at the 4th International Puppetry Festival, caused a stir in public opinion because of its uniqueness. With creativity, the artist has dissected the apparatus, turning the stiff puppet into soft, gently gliding on the water waves, combined with the effects of light, smoke and music in the water to create a space, dreamy, fanciful place.